Cool School Penguin Plunge Event Information

Here is everything you need to know about the Cool School Penguin Plunge

What is it?
The Cool School Penguin Plunge is a statewide collaborative fundraiser that offers both virtual and inperson engagement opportunities. This friendly competition helps to raise critical funds for your school and Special Olympics Virginia athletes of all abilities!

How is it both virtual and in-person?
When you register for the Penguin Plunge and create your online fundraising page, you earn one penguin. The more funds you raise and the more teammates you recruit, the more penguins you earn! Then on Feb. 4th we'll drop them all into a lazy river for a float to the finish line and the winner is crowned King or Queen of the Colony, earning some cool perks for their school. Or, if you want to put the PLUNGE in Penguin Plunge, you can attend one of the in-person Plunges near you!

What does "collaborative fundraiser" mean?
The Cool School Penguin Plunge is a collaborative fundraiser, which means you can raise funds for your school to sustain Unified programming and support Special Olympics Virginia's efforts to build inclusion at the same time! If your school participates in at least one Unified Champion Schools activity, you will keep 50% of the funds your team raises. All other schools will take home 25% to help shape more inclusive school environments.

The Cool School Penguin Plunge Toolkit has everything from creative ideas for your school to best fundraising practices.