You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Is the Cool School Penguin Plunge still happening due to the current COVID-19 crisis?
Yes – this event is safe, completely online and will have you quacking up as you watch your penguins race around the lazy river at the Holiday Inn North Beach via Facebook Live!

Can we still plunge on February 5th?
No, students will not be plunging into the icy Atlantic this year, however; your penguin will plunge in your place! They will waddle their way down to the lazy river at our partner hotel and take a lap around the pool as we anxiously wait to find out who our winner is! We will host a virtual event on our social pages offering the plunge, and even some, entertainment virtually for our supporters and athletes. All donors that leave an email address with their duck adoption will be notified via email regarding any changes in the event.

How can I participate in the Cool School Challenge Penguin Plunge while still social distancing?
You can virtually gather friends, family, and co-workers to create a Cool School Penguin Plunge team. After you sign-up your school’s team, a Special Olympics Virginia staff member will reach out to you with information on the inclusion revolution and tips on how to engage your family and friends.

Will there be a winner?
Yes! The winning penguin will be announced at the end of the race and whichever school they are from will get a dunk tank to dunk one of their teachers or administrators!

How will I know if my penguin wins?
Special Olympics Virginia will contact you using the information you provided when you registered for the Cool School Penguin Plunge.

Can anyone get a penguin?
Penguins can be adopted by any student, teacher, staff member friend or family member. They will be associated with a student and their school, adding to their chances of winning!

Are they real penguins?
No – they’re actually rubber ducks with Plunge branded colors!

Once I adopt a penguin, do I get to keep it?
No, your Plunge penguin will race for your chance to win the dunk tank for your school. You will not be able to keep the penguin after the Plunge.

Do I need to be present to win?
No, the winner will be announced on Facebook Live on Friday, February 5, and Special Olympics Virginia will contact the winner directly.

Is there an admission fee for the Penguin Plunge?
No. it is free to watch the Penguin Plunge on this website (LINK). However, to adopt a penguin you must register for the event and create a fundraising page.

How do I earn penguins?

  • Register for the event (free): earn your first penguin!
  • Raise $50: earn an additional 2 penguins
  • Raise $100: earn an additional 3 penguins
  • Every $100 after that, earn and additional 5 penguins.
  • Build a team of 25 participants, earn an extra 5 penguins
  • Build a team of 50 participants, earn an extra 12 penguins
  • Build a team of 100 participants, earn an extra 25 penguins

What incentives can I earn?
In addition to earning Walmart gift cards for your school, you’ll also earn individual incentives this year!

  • Raise $50: earn your Cool School Penguin Plunge t-shirt
  • Raise $300: earn your 2021 Penguin Plunge towel!
  • Raise $750: earn a 2021 Penguin Plunge hooded sweatshirt