Why Plunge?

Our colony is about so much more than an icy dip. It's about creating an inclusive environment for more than 21,000+ Special Olympics Virginia athletes.

When you join the colony, you're choosing to be a part of something bigger. For so long, the only thing our athletes have asked for is the opportunity to play and compete. We believe that it's no longer enough to provide a place for people of all abilities to come together through sport. It is time to demand uncompromising inclusion— in school, employment, healthcare, social activities and yes, sports, too. For our uprising to succeed, we need more rebels, heroes, and fighters like you.

Meet the Athletes You're Plunging For

Nick Zweerink

In September, Nick completed his 1000th consecutive day of running. Snow, rain, extreme summer temperatures and even vacations didn't stop him - and he's still going! 

Jay Choi

When Jay was born, he spent more than a year in the PICU. Today, he is one of Virginia's best tennis players and off the court, plays violin.

TreSean Singletary

In June, Trasean represented Virginia and Team USA at the World Games in Berlin, taking home gold and bronze in the 3000M and 5000M, respectively. Nine years ago, however, he wasn't able to run more than a quarter mile.

Kaitlyn Dykes

Through Special Olympics Virginia, Kaitlyn has made life-long friends and gained immeasurable confidence that she now brings to speeches as an advocate for Special Olympics Virginia.

We need you to plunge for athletes like Robert "The Hulk" Harris. As an athlete, he has directly benefited from the funding that comes from Polar Plunge. Through Special Olympics, Robert has been able to compete but also travel, make lifelong friends and receive life-changing medical care.

Robert is so grateful for everyone who takes the Plunge.

"I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking your time and showing your brave for me, and so many others."

You can learn more about the mission of Special Olympics Virginia here.