Virginia Beach FAQ's

You've got questions, we've got answers.


Registration & Fundraising

Is there an age restriction for Plunge participants?

No - we welcome plungers of all ages! Please note that any person plunging needs to register and raise the minimum fundraising amount of $100.00.

What is the minimum amount I need to raise to participate in the Plunge?

Each plunger must raise $100 minimum to participate.

What is the minimum amount my team needs to raise?

Teams are not required to raise any specific amount. However, every team member still must raise a minimum of $100 to plunge.

What is a fundraising commitment?

The fundraising commitment helps to cover the costs that come with hosting our Polar Plunge events. This includes planning for and ordering merchandise and incentives for all participants registered, fees associated with our fundraising platform, and more. With continued promotion of your icy braveness and using the plunge tools & resources we have on our website, we feel confident you can meet at least $25 raised and in turn, your card will not be charged.

What's the difference between the $25 fundraising commitment and the $100 fundraising minimum?

The $25 commitment is only charged if a plunger registers and doesn't raise at least $25. The fundraising minimum is the amount needed to participate and take the plunge into the icy Atlantic.

I've received cash and check donations - what do I do with them?

Cash and checks may be sent to our Richmond office for processing and we will post them on your fundraising page prior to the event. We advise that you DO NOT send any donations after January 22, as it is not guaranteed that they will arrive before the event.

If you prefer not to send your cash and check donations in the mail, please hold on to them and turn them in at registration.

Is the 5k Run/Waddle considered part of the Plunge event? Can I participate in the Plunge if I only registered for the run?

While the 5k Run/Waddle takes place during the Plunge festivities, it is technically a separate event with a separate registration. We love to see folks enjoy both so be sure to register for each separately if you want to take the challenge.

Classy Fundraising Platform - Technical Help

How do I donate to a plunger?

Without a direct page link:

  1. Go to the Plunge registration website that the plunger is signed up for (Richmond, Mosaic, Virginia Beach, Cool School Challenge, Prince William, New River)
  2. Click the search button at the top right of the page
  3. Type in the plungers name in the search bar
  4. Click their page link in the search results below
  5. On the following page, click the Donate button on the plungers fundraising page
  6. Follow the donation transaction prompts

With a direct link:

  1. Click on the provided link (this is the URL of the plunger's fundraising page)
  2. Click the donate button on the plungers fundraising page
  3. Follow the donation transaction prompts

Someone donated to my page, but I don't see it. Help!

Easy peasy - just let us know! Send us a quick email with the donor name, date, and amount and we will track it down and post it for you!

I accidentally registered twice - or - I am having trouble registering.

We've got you covered. Just send us a quick email and we will come to your rescue!

Event Logistics

What do I wear to Plunge?

You can wear whatever you want to Plunge - a bathing suit, street clothes and even costumes! Take a look at some past costumes for ideas.

Are there public restrooms on-site?

Yes - there will be portable restrooms on the beach as well as in the Hilton hotel common areas. The park and public bathrooms located at 31st Street will be closed during the event.

Is there medical assistance on site?

Absolutely! There will be EMS personnel on the beach during the event as well as a medical table under the main tent.

Can I bring my own tent to set up on the beach?

Unfortunately, no. The city regulations and Fire Marshall mandates will not allow for participants to set up personal team tents and/or heaters within the event footprint. That said, the Plunge event space includes a very large heated tent for all teams and spectators to utilize between 10 am – 2 pm. There are food & drink vendors along with entertainment! Many teams will set a meeting point in the tent to gather before and after the Plunge and really enjoy using our tent space.

I have someone who wants to hold my towel and watch me brave the cold. Where can they stand during the actual Plunge?

All spectators must be on the outside of the Plunge zone as the Plunge takes place. To gain access to the Plunge zone, you must have a Plunge participant bib.

I've plunged and I'm FREEZING! Where can I go to warm up and change my clothes?

You can enjoy the warmth of the large, heated tent or you can pop back into the hotel to recover and change clothing. There are no changing tents on the beach, so be sure to get your post-plunge warm-up plan set ahead of time.

Other Questions

What incentives are available to participants who raise more than the minimum?

Our participants look forward to the awesome plunge gear every year! Please take a look at our incentives page to check out the 2024 Plunge Incentives and set your fundraising goal accordingly!