Polar Plunge Top Fundraising Tips

Looking for ways to take your Polar Plunge fundraising to the next level? Check out these pro-tips!

The best fundraisers are those that make it personal.

  • Tell your story. Make sure you update your Classy Page
  • Share with others why you are participating in the Polar Plunge, whether you’re Plunging just for fun, checking off a bucket-list item or you’d do anything to support Special Olympics Virginia let the world know!
  • If you’ve plunged before, share a picture of your past plunges. If it’s your first time taking the plunge, share your excitement and what made 2023 your year to plunge.

Use social media. Post your personal story and fundraising page on your social media channels.

  • Take advantage of Facebook Fundraisers by following the steps here.
  • Share your favorite past-plunge videos on Instagram or create a Twitter poll to determine how you will take the plunge this year.

Send emails.

Make sure that you are FUN-raising. Fundraising for the Polar Plunge should be FUN so remember to have fun with it!

  • Make a contest: first person to donate or the largest donation gets a special prize from you?
  • Host an online game night, book club or digital discussion: sell entry into event and promote your fundraising page for additional donations.
  • Promote $5 for Fiver Friday: since you can’t give high-fives in person, ask friends and family members to donate $5 instead on every Friday leading up to Plunge. Once they donate, send them a picture of yourself or a “celebrity guest” giving them a digital high-five.

A little thank you goes a long way! Be sure that you are following up with all your supporters. Thank each and every donor after they make their donation, and again after you take the plunge.

  • Send a Personal Penguin: for every donation send a paper penguin as a keepsake and thank you message to your donors. Promote this in your asks and on your fundraising page too!
  • Kick it up a notch and send pictures/videos of you plunging your way during Plunge Week.