Facebook just got Cooler

Create a Facebook Fundraiser to boost your Polar Plunge Fundraising Efforts!
Polar Plunge Facebook Fundraiser
Use your Facebook page to your fundraising advantage. Following the steps here or in the video to get started with using your Facebook page as a fundraiser.

For step-by-step directions on how to start fundraising with Facebook watch the video above and follow the steps listed below.

New this year: Once you complete these steps, when someone donates to your Facebook fundraising page it will update your total amount raised on your Facebook fundraiser and your Classy fundraising page too!

  1. Access your fundraising page
  2. Log in at the top-right of the page
  3. Select Manage at the top right of your page
  4. Select the Facebook tab
  5. Select the Create button
  6. When the Facebook login prompt appears, log in if you haven't already
  7. Make sure the Manage your Fundraisers toggle is on
  8. Your Facebook Fundraiser will automatically generate and will appear on your Facebook activity feed and timeline.
  9. Now it's time to promote your Facebook fundraiser! Share with your friends and be sure to thank anyone that donates with a personalized comment.

For additional help and troubleshooting, visit the Facebook Fundraising Classy Support article here.