Polar Plunge News

Turning Up the Heat with VNG

22 years and $450,000 later, Virginia Natural Gas is as committed as ever.

For 22 years, Virginia Natural Gas has taken to Virginia Beach for the Polar Plunge. What started as a way to support one of their colleagues has grown into a part of their company's culture.

Year after year their involvement has continued to grow. Now they not only send a fundraising team to the beach but a group of volunteers also leads event concept, design, and execution on the sand.

When things moved virtual this year, VNG and their employees stayed committed to their tradition of Plunging. Emily MacCartney, Community Affairs Coordinator, said “We’ve enjoyed taking it from a different approach. It’s really always been about our commitment to taking the Plunge and why.”

That different approach involves a ladder of executives getting “freezin’ for a reason.” For each fundraising landmark the organization hits, a member of their leadership team has pledged to plunge.

If they reach their $10,000 fundraising goal? Well, that means that their President Robert Duvall will take the plunge.

While we’ve claimed we won’t judge how plungers choose to #PlungeYourWay, MacCartney has made it clear, “They can't just drink hot cocoa. They are getting cold.”

While they’ve already raised more than $5,500, things are just starting to heat up for leadership, as evidenced below. Luckily it's all for a good cause –making sure the 23,000 athletes of Special Olympics Virginia have a playing field to return to!