2022 Polar Plunge

Time to Put Your Toe in the Water!

Start training for Polar Plunge 2022 with our Pre-Plunge Challenges

You don't need to wait to Go ALL IN for Polar Plunge 2022. Our Pre-Plunge Challenges are a fun way to get ready for the Big Day and spread the word about why we do it. Choose from any of the 8 Challenges below -- or do them all -- and post about it on social media using hashtag #PolarPlunge2022. Everyone will think you’re super cool.

Shake-Up Your Shower

Give your morning wake-up a shake-up. Take a cold shower for 5 straight days, then post a photo (Rated G, please) and challenge your friends!

Take A Practice Plunge

You know what to do, Penguins. Find a pool, a river, the ocean or a lake … and go jump in it. Don’t forget to make a video!

Post Your Penguin

Make a Paper Penguin, give her a name and post what she’s up to on Facebook and Instagram. Easy instructions make it a great project with the kids!

Cold Drinks on a Cold Day

Stand out in the cold and enjoy an icy-cold slushie, slurpee, smoothie -- you name it. Don’t forget to smile for the camera!

Challenge 5: “Chilly Chilli!”

Eat a hot chili pepper while sitting in ice-cold water and yell “Chilly Chili!” Post a video or it didn’t happen.

Be Your Best Penguin

Dress up like a penguin or just waddle around like one in public. Extra points for creativity and a video.

Ice-Pack Party!

How many ice packs can you put on your body at one time? Tell us the cold hard facts!

Get Frozen in Time

Fill your bathtub with ice water, have a seat and set the timer. How long can you stand it? We’ll wait.

Win A Prize

When you complete a challenge and use the #PolarPlunge2022 you'll automatically be entered to win some Polar Plunge swag!

GO ALL IN and take a Pre-Plunge Challenge today! Remember to use hashtag #PolarPlunge 2022